Criminal Mischief Lawyer in Belmar

Criminal Mischief in Belmar (N.J.S. 2C: 17-3)

Criminal mischief charges are written by Belmar police officers when there has been damage to the tangible property of another. This can include homes, motor vehicles and signs.  Criminal mischief is only written as a disorderly persons offense when a person willingly or knowingly damages tangible property or if a person recklessly or negligently causes damage to property during the employment of a fire and the cost of the damage is less than $500. Criminal mischief can also be written when renters damage their rental property.  This usually occurs in retaliation for eviction proceedings or some other dispute. Penalties, if convicted, usually include paying restitution for the cost of the damage, and additional fines.

A conviction for criminal mischief can be a disqualifying charge for a school teacher or school employee.

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