Resisting Arrest Lawyer in Belmar

Resisting Arrest (N.J.S. 2C:29-2)

If you have been charged with any offense that warrants an arrest, you can also be charged with the disorderly persons offense of resisting arrest. Often, a police officer will try to put an end to a fight or scuffle by physically restraining you. If you are in the middle of defending yourself during armed combat, you will likely be in a state of fear and confusion.  With your adrenaline running high it is easy to understand how you did not realize the person restraining you was a police officer.  Some may even strike or “assault” the police officer.  This is particularly perilous because police officers are deemed by New Jersey law as authority figures and you will be charged with the heightened crime of “aggravated assault” which carries harsher penalties similar to if you had used a lethal weapon against a ordinary citizen.

As a defendant who is being charged with the very serious charges of resisting arrest and/or aggravated assault it behooves you to obtain experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

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