Underage Drinking Lawyer In Belmar

Summer House Parties Can Lead To Underage Drinking In Belmar

Underage Drinking (N.J.S. 2C:33-15)

Belmar has long been known as a great summer rental hot spot. Renters and full time residents alike enjoy the beaches and the nightlife. Many college students migrate to Belmar for the summers to escape their college campuses. Some renters who are not of legal age are eager to continue their social drinking throughout the summer perhaps not realizing that they are no longer on a college campus where the environment is more relaxed in terms of underage drinking. Belmar police officers will look for underage drinkers either at house parties, on the beach or boardwalk, and even at the bars. Often, police will respond to a noise complaint and find a group of underage drinkers on a porch or deck and will charge them with Underage Drinking in Belmar.

You Will Face Significant Penalties For Underage Drinking In Belmar

If you are caught underage drinking in Belmar, you will be charged with such and face disorderly persons offense penalties. Those penalties include a $500.00 fine, possible jail time, other fines and penalties, and possibly losing or postponing receipt of your drivers license for up to six months. Often, police may write you charges for underage drinking and for fake ID if you were found at a bar or liquor store and you used a fake ID to make your purchase. If written both, you face heavier fines and penalties for a conviction.

If Charged With Underage Drinking In Belmar, Call Villani & DeLuca

Underage Drinking in Belmar can carry serious consequences if caught by the police. Villani & DeLuca, P.C. attorneys have a lot of experience defending against underage drinking and fake ID charges. Call 732-456-6510 today for a free initial consultation.

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